• "A great read, inspiring, and speaks to today's youth"
    Leading Educator, Girls Yeshiva High School, New York

  • Michael Doochin spent eight years studying the Tanya with Rabbi Yitzchok of Nashville
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  • "It marks the--physical and spiritual--growth of a Just Man engaged in epic paths of self-understanding and realization, effectively shaping his destiny towards a greater purpose; to make the world a better place."
  • "The Tzaddik is a truly engaging narrative about an extraordinary journey through a consequential path."
  • "{It} makes for a real page turner--frankly, I couldn't put it down."
  • This novel, about the righteous man, follows the life of a special soul sent to earth to uphold spiritual values for all mankind.
  • With Biblical parallels and the skillful use of history, socioeconomics, and philosophy, Michael weaves a tale which leads its readers to consider how all of us combine destiny with personal choice to achieve spiritual meaning and engage our relationship with the Divine.


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