What they are saying about The Tzaddik


"A great read, inspiring, and speaks to today's youth."

-Leading educator, girl's yeshiva high school, New York.


"Very good. It is amazing how this book captures the spirit and understanding of the Tanya with its story."

-Rabbi Sholom Ber Wineberg, Tanya scholar, Kansas City


"Michael Doochin combines an encyclopedia knowledge of Jewish values and tradition with a free flowing prose that makes for a real page turner - frankly, I couldn't put it down... The Tzaddik is a beautiful tapestry weaving Jewish values into real life believable 21st century characters...The Tzaddik provides a great way to learn the teachings of the Bible, Kabbalah, and Jewish values with dialogue and action that move along like a James Bond novel, without the violence."

-Eric Daniels, MD, San Diego


The Tzaddik is a story that is intimate and personal as it is universal. It marks the -physical and spiritual- growth of a Just Man engaged in epic paths of self-understanding and realization, effectively shaping his destiny towards a greater purpose; to make the world a better place. The text is filled with insight into the human condition, revealing how we are all "tied together on this earth in a web of interconnecting relationships", part of the 'fabric of life'. The book may very well help redefine one's assumptions about life and spirituality...The Tzaddik is a truly engaging narrative about an extraordinary journey through a consequential path. It awarded me a reinvigorated sense of purpose in life. More than a novel, I keep the book as an invaluable resource."

-Manuel Jordán, Ph.D. - Africanist Art Historian, Miami

Everyone should read this exciting adventure novel staring Joseph “Prince” Reed. It is a powerful, spiritual and thought provoking exploration of Judaism and belief in G-d. Kabbalah and the Tanya are examined from the layman’s point of view as Joseph goes from an inquisitive, very rich child, uneducated in Judaism, toward adulthood. Like Joseph of the bible, he predicts 7 years of surplus, 7 years of famine, but in our time. Joseph practices orthodox and spiritual Judaism and shows people that complete trust in God and moral values will lead us toward a Messianic Age.

There are so many concepts to discuss. Doochin helps reader by explaining terms as novel progresses as well as a glossary in the back. I could not put the book down.